NE Siskiyou Green Street NE Siskiyou Street between 35th St and 36th St • Portland, Oregon


Kevin Robert Perry, Portland Bureau of Environmental Services


City of Portland
Siskiyou Green Street
Siskiyou Green Street
Siskiyou Green Street
Siskiyou Green Street
Siskiyou Green Street

Utility Goals

Reduce pollutant loads in rainwater
Reduce downstream damage from runoff
Safely move, control, contain rainwater
Capture rain for reuse (of all kinds, human and natural, from irrigation and toilet flushing to groundwater recharge)


The basic stormwater management concept of the NE Siskiyou Green Street is capture, convey, cleanse, and either infiltrate or detain and discharge.  The two stormwater curb extensions capture runoff from 9300 SF of paved surface (note that this is just shy of the 10,000 SF we recommended in Part 3.1); stormwater is admitted on the uphill side through 18” curb cuts.  Each biofiltration basin has 4 compartments separated by 3 check dams (soil covered in gravel) to slow flow and promote infiltration, including an initial forebay that holds a 2” layer of pea gravel.  Stormwater is cleansed by plants and soil, then infiltrates.  Any overflow that passes through (or, in huge rain events, bypasses) the stormwater curb extensions is allowed to enter the City’s storm drain system.

Amenity Goals

Public Relations
Aesthetic Richness


The NE Siskiyou Green Street provides a multi-faceted amenity, not only celebrating rain but also adding garden landscape to the street and slowing traffic by briefly narrowing the street from 28’ to 14’ over the 50’ length of the curb extension biofiltration basins.