Historic Fourth Ward Park Angier Avenue NE • Atlanta, Georgia


Phase 1: HDR (detention basin park),
Phase 2: Wood + Partners (multipurpose recreation park)


City of Atlanta
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Utility Goals

Reduce pollutant loads in rainwater
Reduce downstream damage from runoff
Safely move, control, contain rainwater
Restore or create habitat


The basic stormwater management concept at Historic Fourth Ward Park is capture, convey, cleanse, and reuse in water features, or detain and discharge.  A deep, 2-acre, wet detention pond was dug to the water table; Clear Creek, piped in this area, feeds the pond with 425 gallons of water per minute.  Additionally, runoff from the surrounding 800-acre drainage area is piped to the detention pond.  Some water from the pond is recirculated to form the south parcel’s naturalized stream; some goes to a 20,000 gallon cistern for irrigation.  Any stormwater overflow discharges to the Highland Avenue combined sewer through a controlled release. 

Amenity Goals

Public Relations
Aesthetic Richness


Historic Fourth Ward Park celebrates water everywhere: in the south parcel, water appears in a stream and splashpad; in the basin parcel, runnels, terraced channels, fountains, plazas, and, of course, the huge pond present the delight of water in many forms.  But a visitor has to really look at these features to realize that much of this is, in fact, rain.  Three features in the design make clear rainwater statements

  • a spiraling conveyance channel on the upper terrace of the detention pond;
  • a stepped channel along which rain tumbles from the upper terrace down to the wet pond;
  • and two horizontal lines of river pebble in the otherwise granite detention basin walls that mark water levels achieved by different size rain events. 

Awards & More Information


2013 / Project of Year, Awards of Excellence, Urban Land Institute
2012 / Development of Excellence Award, Atlanta Regional Commission and Livable Communities Coalition
2012 / Merit Award, General Design Category - American Society of Landscape Architects, Georgia Chapter
2011 / Award of Excellence, Parks and Landscape Design, Atlanta Urban Design Commission
2011 / Engineering Excellence Award, American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia
2011 / Honor Award, Engineering Excellence Awards, American Council of Engineering Companies
2009 / Honor Award, Analysis and Planning, American Society of Landscape Architects, Georgia Chapter